Vegas Confessions: Stories.

That is what the world is built from, and Vegas is where we choose to find the best Stories of them all. From digging up history, to gambling, Restaurant reviews, and tips and tricks on how to get around.  And of course,  confessions.  Everybody has at least one in their back pocket.  We help you get it out and make sure it has a home. Come hang with Shane, Julian, and Eric, and we guarantee you will walk away with at least some of that beautiful Vegas enlightenment.


The Vegas Confessions Team


Shane Mields
After leaving Montana right out of high school to join the Navy, Shane has traveled the world, met people from all points of this globe, studied man’s beliefs and cultures, and finds a weird fascination of conversating to just about everyone on just about anything.  As a naturally born Bullshitter of sorts, it was only fitting that he put his money where his mouth is and start a Podcast.  But about what? After thinking and contemplating enough to drive his wife Josefina nuts, he realized…..Vegas. A city that invents itself over and over and has Stories and hidden faces from history to the present around every corner. With a good balance of his first partner Julian, with his love for gambling, his second partner Eric, with his need to dive into facts and figures, and Shane’s own love for history…The Vegas Confessions podcast was born.  To the dismay of Shane’s wife, sadly enough.
Julian Romero
Born and raised in central California, Julian is the "millennial" of the VC podcasting crew. Julian is a true story of "hood to good" and his VC colleagues would tell you that "THE CARPET DOES NOT MATCH THE DRAPES!" Although his neck and arm tattoos and his ear gauges may give him a don't mess with me appearance, many in the Vegas podcast community will attest to Julian being one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Julian has been a podcast listener of comedy, gambling and Vegas for over 10 years, and decided to take the jump into podcasting himself with the birth of Vegas Confessions shortly after he met Shane in the fall of 2017. The 3rd member of the VC podcast, Eric, is a near and dear friend that Julian was lucky enough to meet at an Ocean's 14 event and they have quickly become great friends as well as colleagues. Since podcasting doesn't quite "pay the bills", Julian is a restaurant manager and chef by day and father to 4 growing quickly children as well. He stays very busy but says he wouldn't have it any other way!